Investing in Employees

The Importance of Investing in Your Employees


With the economic situation we, at Airport Lanes & Little Caesars Pizza Parlor, find it still a challenge to find good employees and an even bigger challenge in keeping them. We try to instill in our businesses through our management the idea to make the workplace enjoyable, yet professional. All employees, young or old, need time away from the workplace to relax and have fun with their family. 

Our philosophy is that “A Company that has some Fun together will Work Better Together.” Here’s how we can help. Airport Lanes offers a Business Office Party Package starting at $16.00 per person. Further information can be found under the “Corporate Bowling Parties” tab or the “Team Building Training Day” tab. Our feeling is that employees and their bosses can have fun together and still maintain proper respect for one another. Many companies invest in their employee and shoe their thanks by having a holiday party but do it in a traditional manner. Drinks and dinner then everyone goes home. The parties we offer encourage, and almost force all employees to interact with one another by bowling. Bowling is a very social sport. It is the largest participation sport in the world. No one is too young or too old to throw a ball down the lane. It gives everyone a change to laugh at each other and to casually learn about your employees. The Corporate CEO may be able to hand a multi-million dollar company but can he throw a bowling ball better than the newly hired mail clerk. Investing in your employees by hosting a bowling party will obviously raise morale but also show them that we are all the same, we just have different jobs.


Tammy and Mark Myers
Airport Lanes
Little Caesars Pizza Parlor